O.N.E. Amazon brings innovation to conservation

Transforming the Amazon biome into a digital asset security for sustainable environmental impact

Preserving the most valuable asset on the planet

As the world’s largest and most diverse tropical rainforest, the Amazon is a critical part of our global ecosystem. It's a lifeline for millions of people and countless species, playing a crucial role in regulating the Earth's climate and oxygen supply. Its preservation is essential for sustaining life on our planet.
O.N.E Amazon aims to transform how we interact with this vital resource, by fostering sustainable economic solutions that protect the rainforest while supporting the communities and biodiversity that depend on it.
million km²
million residents

Creating value in the Amazon

The O.N.E Amazon digital asset security creates sustainable investment in the world’s largest and last rainforest. It’s linked to the real-world value of the Amazon biome—creating a sustainable economic model that benefits both the rainforest and investors.

Innovative investment model

The O.N.E Amazon digital asset security is backed by a 30-year land contract. It facilitates sustainable development and environmental stewardship without transferring land ownership, aligning economic interests with the preservation of the rainforest.

Preserving the Amazon and supporting locals

Proceeds from the digital asset security are dedicated to an infrastructure fund, aimed at preserving the Amazon biome and creating jobs. This ensures that the rainforest's protection goes hand-in-hand with local community development.

A fund designed to sustain impact and opportunity

The O.N.E Amazon Impact Fund (O.A.I.F.) represents a visionary approach to preserving the Amazon biome, primarily fueled by revenues from digital asset security sales. The fund is a catalyst for a range of impactful initiatives, from reforestation projects to innovative technological solutions like the Internet of Forests (IoF), all aimed at future-proofing Amazon conservation efforts.

Out of each dollar of revenue from digital asset security sales

An investment with real outcomes

Holders of the O.N.E Amazon Coin are not just investors; they are partners in a crucial mission to protect one of Earth's most vital ecologies. This investment goes beyond financial returns, offering a chance to contribute positively to the planet. Starting with a pilot covering 10,000 hectares, the initiative provides a unique blend of price appreciation, potential dividends from O.A.I.F., and a hands-on role in impactful environmental projects.

Profit with a Purpose

Investors may receive dividends from the O.A.I.F., aligning their personal economic and financial  interests with environmental stewardship.

Engagement in Project Selection

A novel feature allows investors to vote on project selections through an interactive, transparent process, enabling them to be directly involved in creating positive ecological outcomes.

Using technology and A.I to create insights that help the environment

We believe that next-generation technology is a critical partner in creating sustainable solutions to protect the Earth’s most diverse and complex biome. That’s why proceeds from the securities will go to investments that support innovation and data enablement. This includes funding for the M.I.T Media Lab-City Lab as well as for a O.N.E Amazon initiative called the Internet of Forests (IoF)—a large scale sensor network designed to monitor and analyze the health of the Amazon rainforest and digitally connect every hectare of land. 

People and Partners Powering the O.N.E Amazon Initiative

People and Partners Powering the O.N.E Amazon Initiative